Nodaway Valley Bank Observes 150th Anniversary in 2018
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Nodaway Valley Bank Observes 150th Anniversary in 2018

Nodaway Valley Bank Observes 150th Anniversary in 2018

Although the actual date is not until December, Nodaway Valley Bank will be celebrating the 150th anniversary throughout 2018.  On December 4, 1868, Maryville’s first bank, known as the George S. Baker & Co., Bankers, opened its doors for business on the site of the present bank on the southwest corner of Maryville’s town square at 3rd & Main Streets.  

In 1873, James B. Prather, J. C. Waterman and Theodore L. Robinson acquired controlling interest in the bank and changed the name to Nodaway Valley Bank.  Mr. Robinson was placed in charge of day to day operations, and a member of Robinson family has been at the helm since, with Chairman of the Board James G. Robinson representing the fifth generation.

During the first 26 years of its existence Nodaway Valley Bank operated as a private bank until applying for a state banking charter in 1894, now the fifth oldest bank charter in the State of Missouri.  The bank joined the newly formed Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation in 1934.

Highly restrictive banking regulations and competing interests in the tightly built business district around the Maryville town square prohibited expansion beyond the second building on the site, erected in 1890.  As drive-up banking became more popular, regulations were relaxed allowing Nodaway Valley Bank to construct the first stand-alone motor bank at 2nd and Buchanan Streets in 1965.  

The second banking house on the original site was replaced by a larger, modern building in 1966.  That structure was totally renovated and expanded again in 2000 as the present banking house.

By 1971, the bank’s resources topped $15 million.  State banking laws were further relaxed that year, allowing construction of branch facilities within 2.25 miles of the main banking house.  Nodaway Valley opened a second facility at 1303 S. Main in 1973, which underwent a total makeover last year. Nodaway Valley Bank was also the first bank in Nodaway County to offer ATM service.            

Although banking regulations prohibited the bank from expanding beyond Nodaway County, Nodaway Valley Bank’s resources topped $166 million by 1990.  Nodaway Valley Bank took advantage of new rules allowing additional facilities in contiguous counties by opening a facility in Savannah, followed by expansion into the St. Joseph market in 1995. During the next five years, the bank’s resources increased to $350 million.  

In response to customers having to take more financial responsibility for their retirement, Nodaway Valley Investment Services was formed in 2002 to provide comprehensive financial planning and brokerage services.  In 2003, the bank opened a new facility at Riverside Road and Mitchell Avenue in St. Joseph and acquired Heritage Bank, creating the largest privately owned and managed bank in northwest Missouri with assets in excess of $541 million.  

In 2006, the bank completed construction of two new facilities in Savannah and Belt & Faraon in  St. Joseph. In 2007, the Exchange Bank of Mound City was acquired, providing nine full service locations in four communities.  The bank’s resources topped $853 million at the end of 2017.

As part of its 150th anniversary, the bank has introduced a new logo, a revised website formatted for mobile banking and a media campaign.  

“We’re going to have some fun with some of the things that have happened over 150 years,” commented Chairman Robinson, “such as how suckers we’ve given away and some strange loan requests that might have popped up.”         

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